Featured In: The Wall Street Journal - When my canvas found its' kitchen

Featured In: The Wall Street Journal - When my canvas found its' kitchen

When My Canvas Found Its' Kitchen: A Wall Street Journal Surprise Feature

A most enchanting surprise unfolded this May 2023 when I was leafing through an article from The Wall Street Journal. What was supposed to be a quiet morning amidst my brushes and paints took a delightful turn. The article, celebrating the essence of British-inspired kitchens, held a special mention for one of my paintings, ‘Blue Crock and Oranges’ Oil on Canvas on Panel. To say I was stunned would be an understatement!

Being part of this feature was not just an excitement for me but also a testament to art's seamless integration into our daily lives. I've always seen my paintings as simple snapshots of life's beautiful moments. So, to think of them finding a home in the most intimate spaces of one's dwelling – the kitchen, where stories are shared and memories are made – is profoundly heartening.

The ripple effect of the WSJ mention was electrifying. In a heartwarming turn of events, over 20 art aficionados reached out and purchased pieces, adding a little bit of my work to their homes. My heart swells with gratitude thinking of my creations becoming a part of so many households.

But, this story has another beautiful layer. The WSJ article was penned by a Connecticut local who had known of my work. It makes me realize the depth and reach of our local community – where art is not just admired but celebrated and uplifted. It's a powerful reminder that even in our global world, it's the local connections that often have the most profound impact.

To everyone who has ever purchased my paintings or welcomed them into their homes, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you. Your appreciation and support are the colors that brighten my canvas, and this WSJ feature was one such hue that added vibrancy to my artistic journey. A true global moment for this local artist. Read the full feature here.

Here's to more colors, more canvases, and countless stories shared over art.

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